Center for Innovation and Research in Computing

The goal of the Center for Innovation and Research in Computing (CIRC) is to enhance student learning in the School of Computing by engaging students in real-world development projects. By paying students to work on these projects, CIRC will provide students with the opportunity to fund their education through on-campus, computing-related work (similar in nature to computing internships).

CIRC works with various industry and community partners as well as with Southern Adventist University on programming projects of various sizes. A wide range of technologies are used for development, including Android, iOS, PHP, C#.NET, and C++. Typically, CIRC works on specialized projects that don't fit neatly inside one of the many generalized software solutions that are available on the market today.

Prior Clients

Here are a few of the clients that CIRC has worked with in the past:

Project Portfolio

College and University Dialogue - Website Upgrade and Mobile Apps

The College and University Dialogue magazine (Dialogue) is published by the Department of Education of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. CIRC was tasked with upgrading Dialogue's website from a file-based article system to a database-driven website with full-text search, PHP API, and a custom admin CMS for modifying and adding to many portions of the website. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android were created to take advantage of the website's new API. These mobile apps allow for downloading articles for offline reading as well as article theming (font size, etc.) and full-text searching. Developed using: PHP, JavaScript, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, iOS, Java, Android, SQLite.


ShareSynch is an iPad and iPhone application that lets users present and edit ShareHim presentations. In ShareSynch, users can download sermon materials, dynamically generate PDF documents of presentations, edit speaker notes in rich text, and swap the slide or speaker note language independently of one another. Developed using: Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, SQLite.

Devoted - Daily Devotional

The Devoted app was created for the Pacific Press Publishing Association and gives users the opportunity to easily read and share the Devoted Daily Devotional, which is also available online at the following link: Devoted Daily Devotional. Developed using: Android, Java, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, SQLite.

Quality Enhancement Plan Website

The Quality Enhancement Plan website was built for the School of Physical Education, Health, and Wellness at Southern Adventist University. The site helps students and employees track their physical activity and make plans to improve their own physical health over time. Developed using: C#.NET, jQuery, MS SQL.

Other Projects

  • A C++ API that allows for resumable downloads as well as status information during downloads such as speed, estimated time remaining, etc. (C++, Boost)
  • An online academy enrollment application form with online payment and data export to Pearson PowerSchool. (PHP, Bootstrap, Oracle, MySQL, Stripe)
  • An employee training and records website with database-entry creation and modification. (PHP, MS SQL)
  • An Android application and mobile website system which allowed for uploading, conversion, and viewing of videos in an HTML5-friendly format as well as a custom chat interface for discussions between two people. Developed using: Android, Java, PHP, FFmpeg, jQuery Mobile, MySQL.
  • A personal library content management system. (Cocoa, Mac OS X)
  • A mobile website that let users retrieve directions from Google Maps and view persons or locations within a certain radius of the directions route. These persons or locations could then be added to a visitation list and printed. Developed using: PHP, jQuery Mobile, Google Maps JavaScript API.

Contact Information

For more information about the Center for Innovation and Research in Computing or to inquire about project development, please contact:

  • Siegwart Mayr, Lead Programmer/Analyst, at or 423.236.2872.
  • Dr. Tyson Hall, Director of CIRC, at or 423.236.2916.




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Our Objectives

CIRC is guided by the following objectives:

  • Stimulate creativity and innovation through extracurricular projects
  • Enrich students’ educational experience
  • Collaborate with industry and community partners
  • Support faculty research
  • Enhance faculty-student interaction
  • Provide student employment within the computing discipline