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DescriptionA CIRC project. Cross-platform, written in C#. Given that this is rather open-ended software, some creativity might lend itself to making the software more novel in some way.

One research aspect for this C# app might be, “How can we develop a macOS app that runs natively on macOS with no changes…while developing on Windows?” (Compile on WSL from Visual Studio or the command line using the cross-platform toolchain?) The major problem right now is the infamous `chmod +x` that would need to be done on macOS to make the app run since Windows does not natively have such features.

DomainDesktop App
Required DevelopersTBD
Required Participation
Is Remunerated?No
Is Funded?No
Funding Notes
AdvisorsSiegwart Mayr, Michael Babienco
Created At2022-09-26 08:33:19
Updated At2022-09-26 08:45:13