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NameCTEBFFL Course Concept Map
DescriptionBiblical Foundation Course Concept Map Creator which streamlines the professor’s thinking and outlines the essential course concept and its spiritual connection, the biblical examples, and the declarative and procedural content of the course, along with assessments that will be used to measure the student’s grasp of the content. Arrows will show relationships between and among the items. The objective is to emphasize the identification of the desired end results for the course.

Demo: https://conceptmaps.southern.edu
DomainWeb App
Required Developers1
Required ParticipationUpgrades to existing Course Map system, to fix some issues, and improve user-friendliness
CustomerSouthern Adventist University - CTEBFFL
Is Remunerated?No
Is Funded?No
Funding Notes
AdvisorsRobert Ordóñez, Siegwart Mayr
Created At2022-08-04 10:23:40
Updated At2023-09-01 14:34:29