Training Checklist


Duration: 15 min.

General Tools

Duration: 30 min.

Software Toolchain

Duration: 1 - 2 hrs.

Install required tools

Tool Windows macOS Linux Notes
Apache, MySQL, PHP WAMP server:
- Laragon
MAMP server:
LAMP server built-in (install packages)
Git server Git server Git server Built-in (install git) Optional. Only needed when not installing a Git client with a built-in Git server.
Git client - SourceTree
- GitKraken
- Git client list - Git client list
- SourceTree
- GitKraken
- Git client list
Built-in (install git)
Merge Tool WinMerge Optional tool (highly recommended).

Code Editor VS Code VS Code VS Code
Database Management - phpMyAdmin
- HeidiSQL
- DBeaver
- Beekeeper Studio
- phpMyAdmin
- DBeaver
- Beekeeper Studio
- phpMyAdmin
- Beekeeper Studio
Mind Map - FreeMind
- MindMup
- MindMaps
- FreeMind
- MindMup
- MindMaps
- FreeMind
- MindMup
- MindMaps
Optional tool for browsing system architecture.

General Training

Duration: 1 - 4 hrs.

Web Technologies

Duration: 10 - 28 hrs.

Learn Implement Duration
Complete PHP tutorial: Create basic application in PHP:
  • Implement CRUD (or CRUDL) (aka BREAD for Browse, Read, Erase, Add, Delete, or ABCD for Add, Browse, Change, Delete):
    • Create form for storing app settings to flat file.
    • Read form for displaying app settings stored in flat file.
    • Update form for updating app settings stored in flat file.
    • Delete action to remove app setting stored in flat file.
    • List (aka Index) to browse all app settings available in flat file.
  • Develop a project to track something (e.g. App Settings, To Do List, etc.), using CRUD/BREAD/ABCD. Store everything to a flat file (any type: txt, json, xml, ini, etc.)
1 - 4 hrs.
Complete database tutorial: Create a database with tables for previous application (e.g. App Settings, To Do List, etc.). Modify the CRUD application to store data to database (instead of flat files).

Download a database management tool:
1 - 2 hrs.
Complete Model-View-Controller tutorial (MVC): Install PHP Framework: Create web application using MVC: Pay attention to naming conventions:
  • camelCase: used for function, methods, and variables names.
  • PascalCase: used for class names, model filenames, and controller filenames.
  • snake_case: used for table and field names.
  • SNAKE_CASE_ALL_CAPS: used for constant names.
  • kebab-case: used for view filenames, routes (and URLs)
1 - 10 hrs.
Learn to use code generator Gii: Generate model and CRUD using Gii 1 hr
Learn to create database migration: Create database migration script 1 - 4 hrs.
Learn to create RESTful API: Install REST API client for testing: 2 - 6 hrs.

Mobile Technologies

Duration: 10 - 40 hrs.

Desktop Technologies

Duration: 10 - 40 hrs.